Thursday, May 29, 2014

Writers Workshop... Texting from Teens

Today's blog  post is part of the infamous MAMA KAT's Writer's Workshop :
The Prompts:
1.) A recent text exchange that made you laugh.
2.) A blog post inspired by the word: misunderstood.
3.) Talk about a time one of your siblings made you angry.
4.) What you’re most looking forward to (or dreading) this Summer.
5.) A list of 10 things every parent needs to survive Summer.
I am using prompt 1... you knew that already from the title, right?

So,  SIX spent the Memorial Day weekend at the NCAA Lacrosse Championship games in Baltimore.
He went home with a teammate on Friday and I heard nothing from him all weekend.

He had been given money to buy food with and told to text me score updates and to just touch base now and again...

Let's just say that it was a good thing BratChild went with them on Sunday and kept in touch via text throughout the games...they weren't televised and Salisbury was playing!
 ( Salisbury girls lost to Tufts but hey, it happens!)

So, Monday I spent the day out by the pool.
I had a couple Leinenkugles and a couple blue pina coladas...

And then SIX texted me...

SIX: I just got back
ME: Okay. Are they bringing you home or can you call [BratChild] she's at Josh's
SIX: alright man!
ME: Who won today? Did Duke win
SIX: YES! Their my favorite team!
SIX: Can you come get me?

I had to laugh because:
1) obviously he was high on life after watching his FAVORITE TEAM win the Championship
2) since when was Duke his favorite team anyway?
3) he apparently was not really reading my texts...
4) I did mention I had had some adult beverages throughout the day, right?

I did call him and explain that no, I could not come get him, but that TeenBoy would be coming to get him momentarily...

He made it home safe and sound and totally psyched for summer LAX season...
First game next Tuesday!
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