Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just When You Think You've Got It All Figured Out...You Don't!


That is EXACTLY the  way my life seems to go.

Oh, let me back up a bit in case you are new to my blog...
Or you have forgotten who I am since my last post was about a hundred years ago!

My name is Dawn- aka BusyMom.
I have a husband, HeMan Hubby, and 6 wonderfully appreciative and supportive and loving children...
Oh, all right!
I have 6 children...
who are all of those things,just not usually to any Parental Units...or not often anyway.

My oldest is GoodMom and she is 30-something and a great Mom to FancyPants and BabyG...ages 2 and 4.

SmartGirl is nearly 30 and looking  for Mr.Right-for-Life-not-just-for-now...anyone know any wonderful, smart, witty guys that would love to fall in love with a wonderfully loving,honest, smart and witty strong-willed girl? 
I mean seriously, where are young people supposed to meet the right person when all they do is work?

Number 3 child, ManChild, is my oldest son and will soon be hitting his mid-twenties. Which means that he will now be expected by all and sundry to have his act together. 
Early 20's, well you can get away with not  having a life goal but now... not so much.
Good thing he has one and is actively working toward it with his long-time girlfriend Jules...
who I hope to call daughter sooner rather than later...

TeenBoy is 18 and will graduate from High School in June... yeah, I know, no explanation required.

Last but not least are BratChild and SIX. 
BratChild is almost 17 and has a job and plays varsity sports and gets good grades...she is a dream ...well for a teenaged girl that is.

And then there was SIX... which is how he got the moniker...and he wishes it were is his real name. Go figure!
HeManHubby wanted to name him Six for real and I thought, "that poor kid will hate us for naming him that!". Quite erroneously as it turns out.
SIX is 15 going on 30. He is quietly reserved but he is quick with a joke and never an unkind word to anyone... he's the person no one can be mad or sad or depressed around. 

Many people think BratChild and SIX are twins. They are not, but only because they were born 17 months apart... other than that, yep, twins.

So, back to my regularly scheduled post for today...
I had time off work  while the people I work for went on vacation for 2 weeks in January.
Yeah, winter vacay!
No,  not really. Because...

The heat pump started acting up... oh and it has  black mold inside too...
Must be replaced! $$$$$$$

TeenBoy's car needs a little sensor to pass emissions...oh and it's 250.00!

Yearbooks- 3 of them- must be ordered ASAP...100.00 each?
Oh yeah Mom I need to order my cap and gown...45.00  please!

It's Okay I tell myself.  I'll work extra shifts for the next 2 months and it will all work out perfectly...

And then it snowed. And snowed. And snowed...then sleeted.
And I shoved my way out the door at work that had been iced/snowed shut.
And I hurt my shoulder.
And I cannot work.
And snow removal is not in my scope of practice so...
I can't work either job and I won't be getting paid either.

The best laid plans of Mice and Men...

Well, you get the picture...Just When You Think You've Got It ALL Figured Out...


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