Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Sentiments exactly...

This is a poem that my mother found when going through my older brothers things after his death in July 1985.
I think that he wrote it...
as in it is his original work...

If someone knows otherwise please let me know...
Until then...

This post is for you Mickey...

Written as it was found...

I Was Born To Be Me

I was born... to be me, not a copy of you.
Be you parent, or teacher, or friend
Be you husband or wife, I was given this life
And it’s mine to create till the end.

Many people have tried to diminish my pride
By claiming all pride is a sin
But the fact of my worth was established at birth
At the time I was born to be me?

I was born to be me, but I’ve learned in a lifetime
I never can make it alone
Far too much of myself needs the giving of others
The parts I can’t see till I’m shown.

So, then, come touch me inside
Take the measure of my pride
Set me free from whatever’s unreal.

For there’s a life to be won, and I’ve hardly begun
To insist " I was born to be me"

Michael C. Hanlon     April 1985

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