Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank You Notes... ala BusyMom

I haven't taken the time to do a Writer's Workshop blog in quite a while so I thought I would jump in on this one... uh, yeah... maybe I should have waited for something a little easier to get back into the swing of things... oh, what the heck... how hard could it possibly be? 

The prompts this week were all interesting but this one seemed to call out to me... or perhaps that was the spanish rice I tried to eat for dinner... either way here we go!

5.) Who do you have to thank? Following Jimmy Fallon's famous thank you note writing style, write or vlog a list of 10 thank you cards you'd like to write this week.
This week I'd like to give thanks to...

1) Thank You Kimberly Clark for giving us Kleenex... pass me a kleenex sounds so much nicer than pass the paper hanky... especially when you have a stuffy nose... "paff de paypa haadgee" 

Lindsay Lohan Miggs music video leopard print top

2) Thank You Lindsay Lohan... for ruining the name Lindsay for the rest of the girls, and guys, out there who have never done anything daring or risque', like drunk driving, three-peating at rehab, stealing jewelry that you have more than enough money to pay for... and going out in public in a leopard print onesie... Way to Rock On Linds! 

3) Thank You Wal-Mart People... for making me look good, even on a really bad hair day or when I forgot to do the laundry and had to pick something to wear from the 'sort-of' dirty pile on the floor... You know who you are and so does everyone else who has ever gone to this website! 
4) Thank You man who invented Air Conditioning... and it must have been a man because a woman would have come up with a way better name like... Chilled Air system or Frigid- Air or Hot-Flash-BE-Gone!

5) Thank You Jolly Green Giant... knowing you and Santa were related made eating canned vegetables in between the holidays that much easier... HOHOHO Green Giant! 

6) Thank You guy on the road holding the stop/slow sign... for knowing which one to have facing my direction... this time.

7) Thank You Madonna... for making cone bras and bustiers an acceptable wardrobe addition... on the outside... 
Cone Bra
                                                                    and for making it OK to have Man-Arms even if you are 
                                                                    a woman!

8) Thank You Greek Yogurt making guy... so glad you finally found a way to make yogurt taste JUST LIKE pudding... almost... well, not really, but I have a really good imagination.

9) Thank You .. Baltimore Orioles who are only 1 game behind... for giving your faithful fans something to keep them going for another 15 years...

10) Thank You Gummi Bears... the TV show, not the candy, although the candy is pretty awesome too... for countless hours of viewing enjoyment you provide my daughter when she is home sick... you know, the 27 year old one...but who can blame her... You Guys Are The Best at what you do!!!

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