Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three Blind Mice... yeah, well

Right now I think the Three Blind Mice can probably see better than I can.

I wear glasses. With bi-focals. The really strong bi-focals.

Except now.

Now I am wearing my OLD GLASSES.
The ones with the +125 bi-focals.
The ones I wore before I got my new ones.
The ones I kept for emergencies.

Yes, this is evidently, an EMERGENCY.

I took a shower and left my glasses on the sink the other night.
I asked BratChild to bring them downstairs when I realized that I had forgotten to put them on.
Actually, it was when I realized I couldn't read the lable on the ice cream bucket when I was making root beer floats for the kids but...

Anyway, BratChild says she brought them down to me.
She says she put them on the counter next to the ice cream bucket.
She says she told me and I said okay.

I have no memory of any of those things she says happened.
I have no memory of putting on my glasses.
I have no memory of seeing them on the counter.
I have no memory of doing anything with them at all.

What I do know is that they are were not on the counter the next morning.
Nor were they on the sink where I left them.
Nor were they on the coffee table where I would have put them when I laid down to watch Dr. Who.
Nor were they on the floor, or the breakfast bar, or the kitchen table, or the sofa...

They have apparently disappeared.

So now I am wearing the old glasses.
The glasses that are fine as long as I do not try to read anything written in a font of 10 or 12...
The glasses that do not fit like they should...
The glasses that slide down my nose and make me look like a librarian...
or an Old Lady...

Same difference.
For now.

Until I find the NEW GLASSES...
hopefully Today.
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