Monday, May 16, 2011

A cat is a cat is a ...Teen?

I have put alot of thought into this.
I have.

Cats are self-centered.
They lie about all day in a sunny spot napping and passing judegment upon all that pass by.
They spend inordinate amounts of time grooming.

They are loving and affectionate, rubbing up against your legs or climbing on your lap, arching their backs until you find your hand running along their spine of its own accord.
They will snuggle up next to your head on the pillow, or wrap their furry boddy around your head, depends on their mood, not yours...
When they have need of you...
like when they need you to open the can of snacks ( no opposable thumbs!)
like when they need you to clean out the litter box
like when they need you to let the annoyingly filthy dog you let live in their kingdom outside.

Teens are just like cats.
They make up to you and gain your affection when it best suits their needs.
They can just as easily turn their back on you to sit and daydream about grooming and friends and grooming.

Fortunately for us parents of the world,
Teens will become young adults.
They will move on.
They will grow up and become responsible for their own lives and deeds.

Unlike cats...
who will forever dig up your plants, torture the dog, laze around on a sunny windowsill until...

They need you to feed them, to care for them, to buy them cute little kitty toys.

Yes, a cat is a cat is a Teen aged child.
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