Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Definitely Wednesday

If waking up this morning from the pain in my hip wasn't bad enough,
SIX  slamming into my bedroom to tell me the dog ran off ...

was not helpful...

But the rainy, dreary, cold morning made it positively awful.

Then of course came the morning news...
a serial killer is racking up bodies... oh goodie

kindergarten kids in Maine are getting i-Pads... I can't even afford one

the state legislature has decided that we need to pay more taxes to cover the state budget deficit... Gee what a novel idea

Sometimes not getting out of bed sounds like a wonderful idea...

and then a kid bursts into the room yelling that the beloved family pet has escaped... 
with the radio collar still on and functioning... 

and you realize the kids are about to miss the bus and everyone else is out the door to work 
leaving you, just you, to don your tracker hat and head out to scour the neighborhood
in the cold, wet, dreary early morning hours of yet another


All the while thinking to yourself... 
"I got out of bed for this?"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Re -Thinking Who You Are

I like that show...

My Grandmother- Erma Nichelson -
From a good Pennsylvania German Family
Her family had names like Noah and Phoebe
The one where the celebrities search for their ancestors...

Who Do You Think You Are?

No. Not You, silly.

That's the name of the show I like. 

It comes on Friday's at 8pm.
Actually, I think this week is the final episode.
It's got Ashley Judd, which pretty much means we'll find out the history of all the Judd women.

This season has had Lionel Richie and his amazingly forward thinking emancipated ancestor...

Rosie O'Donnell and her Irish Immigrant ( yeah like that was a shocker) ancestors who game to the US via French Canadian territory...

Gweneth Paltrow  ( was Paltrowicz  in Poland... maybe we're related?) whose family was filled with dark secrets and half truths, and people that came from Barbados so she HAD to go there to do research just when a terrible snow storm hit here...

And Kim Cattrall who searched out and found out about the man who had left her mother's mother to care for 3 small girls in the midst of poverty and economic depression in England...

Yes, they have to be rich and famous to be able to pick up and fly to Canada, Ireland, Barbados and Europe.

But the stories they have found, the secrets they have uncovered...

My Grandfather- Raymond Suchocki- Yes, he is Polish
and was a first generation Polish-American born her.
His family had names like Katarzyna and Jadwiga

They are not only theirs.

They are the stories of many families over many generations from many places around the globe.

Tales of poverty and famine, of work houses and concentration camps, of abandonment -both  freely chosen and at the untimely and often very painful hand of the angel of death...

These, and so many more, are the tales that tell the story...

Not of individuals...

But of THE Individuals who built a Nation...

this GREAT NATION we Americans call...


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Thoughts that just have to come out... or something like that

So many things run through my mind
Jumbled and confused and unintelligible

Dreams make no sense
Random thoughts bouncing 'round

Writing helps me focus
On what, I have no idea

Until my fingers find the keys
And the words come forth

Flowing freely from my mind

From my heart

From my soul

My thoughts still run streaming through my mind
Like a pixilated digital channel
Or a grainy black and white film from the 1930's
The kind with no sound...
And I can't read lips.