Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Got In the Way

Yes. Life did get in the way.

But then, it's the living of life that makes us.
Both the good and the bad things that happen while living our lives.

Sometimes it seems there is a lot more bad than good.
Right now is one of those times.

Yesterday a dear friend died.
I had the pleasure of being able to take care of her, keep her comfortable, and even to give her comfort during her last day with us.

For that I am thankful.

Every person has a purpose.

I believe that my purpose is most often as a caretaker.

And usually I don't mind giving comfort, offering support, being there when others need a shoulder or a body to lean on.

Right now...
there have been too many deaths in my circle of friends for me to bear.
Sheila Kaye Davis         1976-2011

I will persevere.
I will carry on.
I will because there is no other choice but to go on.

And by so doing I will honor my friends who have left me behind...
Cindy and Sheila...

I'm the one that's left... I'll try to make you all proud of me.

And I'll try to get back to blogging regularly and my diet and...

well, Living My Life!

Friday Foto Feature

Yes! It's Back! 

Seeing the World thru the eyes of BratChild...

BratChild's Favorite Charity.... BECAUSE IT"S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! 

Providing Support and Suicide Prevention for Teens     

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To Everything.... There Is A Season...

Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for.”
- The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

I stumbled across these words that are part of a message to the Hopi Nation from their Elders.

These words, this message, to me, is not just for those people living on a reservation in Arizona... 

These words should be read and taken to heart by 

All. People.


We live in a time of finger pointing and blame. 

A time where it is more common to sue thy neighbor for slights and insults...
Real and Imagined.

We live in a place that is over crowded and over used...

A time and place that is being destroyed by the very beings that it supports and nurtures..

And in this time and place, We the People, complain about the lack of space, the lack of privacy, the lack of resources...

But WE do nothing to fix the problems.

WE, the public in general, the users of the oil and the energy and the food and the air...

WE do not claim accountability for our actions...

WE. Are. Wrong.

The Elders are so very right...


It's time to grow up and face the consequences of our actions and of those who have gone before ...

Unless WE really are that selfish and don't care what kind of world we are bequeathing our children....

You know, like those business tycoons who at the turn of the last century made their fortunes off the suffering of the overworked and underpaid peons of society...while they built mansions and lived lives of privilege and excess.

Theirs is not a legacy I wish to emulate.

Do You?


Monday, March 7, 2011

Me, Myself and ... BusyMom

This was a writing prompt back in December that I have been holding onto and thinking about.... and finally decided to use.... Check out : Mama Kats Losin It

Describe myself in five words... 
1-  busy
2-  disrepected
3-  loving
4-  forgiving
5- exhausted

Okay I'm not sure if these describe me or describe my state of mental being... is there a difference?

I mean, I do refer to myself as BusyMom of the BusyFamily.
Working outside the home, working from home, volunteering with the kid's youth groups and sports teams and schools...helping friends who are ill, who are trying to keep a business afloat, who just need a shoulder now and again... Yes. I. Am. Busy.

Disrespected... yeah, by my kids mainly. They talk back. They ignore me. They make fun of the way I dress.
Okay, they're kids but seriously? They need to cut me some slack.

Loving... yeah I love my family and my friends and I am not going to apologize for that... ever.

Forgiving... been working on that one. Trying to let the past go means forgiving but it doesn't mean I forget. I just means I don't let the past hold me back ...

Exhausted... enough said.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation...

No, not the movie with Will Smith that I have never actually seen.

The idea is that every person on earth is only 6 people away from a famous person, or infamous as the case may be... or from someone who knows someone who knows you... confused yet?
I was.

So I go to thinking and...

There's the girl I grew up with who worked with The Greaseman... and then Howard Stern, whose neighbor and  matron of honor in her wedding was Michele Phillips, the famous actress and singer in The Mama and Papas... you know Chyna and Mackenzie Phillips mom.

Then there's Haddaway... the successful singer songwriter in Europe who was my friend and fellow band member in high school.

Montel Williams, who graduated from my kid's high school, the same year as some of my friends in my neighborhood, although he doesn't claim our town as his and he never comes to the reunions.

There are more.. the guy I dated for a minute but stayed friends with from high school who works for a big music company... his title has the word President  or CEO or both in it, whatever...

Then there are the really weird connections like that my ex- mother-in-law used to babysit my current father-in-law's little brother, Johnny... the little brother HeMan Hubby is named for... the one that was killed in a motorcycle accident and taken to the hospital, the very same one my ex-mother-in-law was in that day giving birth to her 3rd child... the one who grew up to become my ex-husband. There was a ceramic Easter egg dish that my ex- mom-in-law set out each year she told me Johnny's mom had made for her as a wedding gift...the signature on the back is HeMan Hubby's grandmother.

And if that's not weird enough... HeMan Hubby's family came to America at the same time and in the same place and were members of the same church and worked together to combat the Indians and the French and the British and then... moved to the state we now live in, to the same place and same time and moved in the same circles for several hundred years!

My kids always say they hate going places with me because I always seem to run into someone I know... and they think I know everyone... and maybe for good reason..

Like BratChild's boyfriend, JM, whose cousin is a friend of mine from high school.

And BratChild's elementary school friend whose mother's cousin is a guy I graduated with and sat next to in almost every class from 7th thru 12th grade and yeah we were in band together.

The  retired Navy guy I met when his boys joined DeMolay only to find out he had moonlighted as a floor guard at the skating rink GoodMom worked at... and she was his boss!

SIX's 3rd grade teacher, who at back to school night I realized was a girl who had been GoodMom's friend in elementary and middle school.

Or SIX's 1st grade teacher, who it turns out was my brother's next door neighbor!

How the owner of the skating rink GoodMom worked at graduated a year ahead of  me in school and we have more than a friend or 2 in common.

That kid I went to elementary school with and had a crush on... only to find out thru FaceBook of all places, that he knows some of the girls I went to nursing school with because he ended up going to their high school and graduated with them- oh and a very good guy friend of mine since middle school who had to spend second half of senior year at that same school.

The Army Major who was a very good friend of mine in high school, who ended up some Big Wig in Iraq who ended up being the person in charge of keeping my sister safe while she was there... and who it turns out is very good friends with a guy I went to elementary school with, the guy who had a crush on my best friend when we were 8, because they ended up at college together and then ended up going thru the ranks in the Army together.

My brother in law's boss who is actually the guy who was ManBoy's school PTA President, the one who got me the discount tickets to Disney World for our family trip for GoodMom's 18th birthday.

I don't really know every one. I mean, there's just no way I could know every one, right?

But I guess it seems they do have a point.