Monday, January 3, 2011

Today is THE DAY... for what? What ever you want!

Today is THE DAY to start your NEW YEAR off right.

Some people make Resolutions.
Set goals that are, simply put, unattainable, unrealistic and just too hard to make stick.

Other people go the other route.
They make wishy-washy generalizations about things they may, or may not want to have, say or do in the coming year.

And still others?
They ignore the whole New Year -New Start debaucle.

I tend to be somewhere in the middle.

There are things I want to strive toward.
Better myself, improve my writing, increase my freelancing, be nicer, be better, be more than I am...

There are things I want to accomplish that may take time but that I am working toward.
Move South... sooner rather than later. Be financially sound... again, sooner rather than later. Help my grown children move out and start living independently! Again MUCH SOONER than later, PLEASE?

And then there is the what I want to be when I see me...
I want to be the me I see in my mind's eye, not the one I see in the mirror or photos.

Today I have started on a Journey to Me...

I have started a blog that will catalog that journey, no matter how awful it may be.

Join me and watch my weight loss saga unfold at:  COLOR ME THIN ...
Where I will try to be remain focused and goal-oriented, but I may get a little cranky from time to time.

I will continue my journey to me here on Dawning... because really, my Dawning is taking place every day that I discover a new something about myself and those around me...

Even when I am trying not to!
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