Sunday, January 30, 2011

RUN!!! Do NoT Walk.... really you should listen to me

Holy Spumoni!

No, I did not forget about you all...

And, NO, I did not die, although it feels an awful lot like maybe I did and someone forgot to tell me.

I have been down with the FLU since Monday January 18th.

That is 2 weeks tomorrow and today, Sunday January 30th is the first day that I have not had to take a nap in the afternoon or early evening ...

Not because I wanted to, but because just showering and walking and breathing was exhausting.

As a result I have been off work for 2 weeks.
2 weeks of no paycheck from my nursing job.
2 weeks of no freelance writing job pay either.

You would think that writing, from the comfort of my sofa,
whenever I want,
or have the peace and quiet would mean that I could work even while dying from the FLU.

But NO!
Indeed when you have the FLU you cannot think, you cannot see and you cannot even breathe without excruciating pain in every joint, in every inch, of your body.

Even the hair on your head hurts AND it hurts your head because it suddenly feels like it's made of cement,
or at least as heavy as cement.

Actually, your pillow feels like it's cement too....

So, today I can think, sort of.
I can breathe without coughing, much.
And I have been awake since 10:30am...
Okay, I did get 7.5 hours of sleep last night which is the record since I have gotten the FLU.

To all of you I can only say...

Avoid the FLU  at all costs.

RUN Do Not Walk to the nearest ZICAM packet if you come into contact with, or start to feel like you have a cold because...

IT's NOT a COLD... it will sucker you into thinking you are just a little sick and then BAM!!!

You will be on you sofa for 2 weeks... and you will feel so bad you won't even care that there is nothing on TV during the day...

I know and I am trying to turn my horrible learning experience into something that will help

so Please... listen and learn and HEED MY WARNING!

Well, I am off to watch the ProBowl and drink some more water...

The secret to over coming this crazy FLU?
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

At least that's what I think it is, but really?

Don't ask me, I just spent 2 weeks on the sofa hacking up a lung and sucking on an inhaler and Ricola...

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