Thursday, January 6, 2011

Road Rage or.... Stupid Driver Gene?

Upon the drive to warmer climes to spend the New Year holiday with my sister and her family we encountered many drivers of questionable ability.

The trip south?
Well, sitting or creeping would be the most apt description for that leg of the trip.

The trip north?
It started out innocuously enough.

East from GA to SC for a quick stop to pick up The Dog.
No, please do not ask about The Dog.
I will undoubtedly revisit THAT topic at a later date... for now, well, never mind.

Of course we had to stop by to see the progress on my dream neighborhood and walk through the model home that happens to be MY DREAM HOME.
It's lovely and the building of MY DREAM HOME would commence immediately but for 2 things...
1) the road I want to live on - the one with lot 66- has not yet been developed
2) my house, the one in which TheBusyFamily currently resides, is not yet sold.
Heck, it's not even on the market... yet.

So... that dream is on hold... for now.

From there we hopped on I-95 N and headed homeward.
The trip south had taken 12.5 hours.
As it would turn out, so too did the trip north.
However, the north bound trip had several stops along the way that the trip south did not so... we really did make good time and have a pleasant drive...

Somewhere close to the South of the Border area, also known as the Sc/NC state line, one of those driver's of questionable ability appeared on the scene.

His appearance was noted by his sudden arrival between us and the vehicle we had been behind.
He was just there, as if he had been plopped down in the lane from no where.

He proceeded to tailgate the car in front while HeMan Hubby tried to distance himself before the rear bumper got tapped.
IdiotGuy really was that close when he cut into the lane.

And so the next several hours went.
IdiotGuy would jump to the right lane for a car length, then jump back into the left lane.
He would brake suddenly and then wildly zoom ahead only to brake forcefully just before nearly ramming into the car in front of him.

Did I mention it had started to rain, and rain and rain and mist and fog and rain some more?

The entire trek through the state of North Carolina and into Virginia we followed IdiotGuy, all the while avoiding collision and maintaining control on a wet and slippery road in heavy traffic.

At one point IdiotGuy's rear seat passenger turned and looked at our vehicle with a look of great disdain.

I can't be certain, but it may have been that he was being blinded by HeMan Hubby's high beams, or that he felt the malice emanating from HeMan Hubby and our fellow travellers trapped by IdiotGuy's lane hopping that prevented anyone from being able to gain any distance from him. FOR HOURS!
Or perhaps it was a little bit of both.

What do I know for certain is that the man driving the truck next to us was shooting daggers with his eyes at IdiotGuy just as fiercely as HeMan Hubby was. And when I looked around, it appeared that all of the other drivers that came into any close proximity to IdiotGuy wore the same look.

They happened to all be men.
And the front seat passengers all appeared to be women who, like me, wore looks of exasperation and defeat...

Because I think they, like me, had come to the same conclusion.

That we were all at the mercy of The Stupid Driver Gene which apparently is present in all men every where.
Wonderful, just wonderful...
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