Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If it's not one thing .... it's THE DOG

On our trip south for the New Year holiday we visited my sister in law.
She was planning to move to a new city in a different state and could not take THE DOG with her.

THE DOG originally came from us. He was a rescue. I got him from a patient who went into a coma leaving her 3 dogs without a home.

Actually, the schnauzers had homes, but THE DOG? He had been to 3 homes and been returned in the course of about 6 weeks.

He is part mini-dachshund and part regular dachshund. This means he has a regular sized body on itty-bitty little legs.

Because of this he was beat up on by the dogs in the other homes he went to before I took him in. The poor thing was terrified of other dogs, even our 8 week old lab puppy who was half his size!

We took a trip our trip South with both the dogs that year and my brother in law fell in love with THE DOG, so he stayed.
When my brother in law died 2 years ago HeMan Hubby said we would take THE DOG back if it ever became necessary.

Well, apparently it became necessary. And I found out like the day before we were supposed to take him home with us!

THE DOG is now 10. He is accustomed to the warmer climes of the south so he has football jerseys, a winter coat and hat to keep him warm. Yes, I have a dog with a wardrobe!

Remember how I said he has short little legs?

Evidently he has also become accustomed to living in a one level house.
He spent yesterday moaning at me on the couch.
He acted like he had a tummy ache so he went out and, well, went. Then he seemed okay.

Today he came bounding down the stairs and took a header off the 3rd step from the bottom. He jumped up and shook himself off and then began to moan.

BratChild took him out and he did his business then plopped himself right down.
Then BratChild promptly left to go out and watch the snow fall, from someone else' back yard!
SIX took off right behind...
TeenBoy? Oh he went to play video games at a friend's house as soon as he got home...

Yes, here I sit with THE DOG, listening to him whine while I try to figure out how to come up with money for an emergency vet visit.

Did I mention today is my birthday and I get to spend it with THE DOG...
the one every one but me wanted.
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