Sunday, January 30, 2011

RUN!!! Do NoT Walk.... really you should listen to me

Holy Spumoni!

No, I did not forget about you all...

And, NO, I did not die, although it feels an awful lot like maybe I did and someone forgot to tell me.

I have been down with the FLU since Monday January 18th.

That is 2 weeks tomorrow and today, Sunday January 30th is the first day that I have not had to take a nap in the afternoon or early evening ...

Not because I wanted to, but because just showering and walking and breathing was exhausting.

As a result I have been off work for 2 weeks.
2 weeks of no paycheck from my nursing job.
2 weeks of no freelance writing job pay either.

You would think that writing, from the comfort of my sofa,
whenever I want,
or have the peace and quiet would mean that I could work even while dying from the FLU.

But NO!
Indeed when you have the FLU you cannot think, you cannot see and you cannot even breathe without excruciating pain in every joint, in every inch, of your body.

Even the hair on your head hurts AND it hurts your head because it suddenly feels like it's made of cement,
or at least as heavy as cement.

Actually, your pillow feels like it's cement too....

So, today I can think, sort of.
I can breathe without coughing, much.
And I have been awake since 10:30am...
Okay, I did get 7.5 hours of sleep last night which is the record since I have gotten the FLU.

To all of you I can only say...

Avoid the FLU  at all costs.

RUN Do Not Walk to the nearest ZICAM packet if you come into contact with, or start to feel like you have a cold because...

IT's NOT a COLD... it will sucker you into thinking you are just a little sick and then BAM!!!

You will be on you sofa for 2 weeks... and you will feel so bad you won't even care that there is nothing on TV during the day...

I know and I am trying to turn my horrible learning experience into something that will help

so Please... listen and learn and HEED MY WARNING!

Well, I am off to watch the ProBowl and drink some more water...

The secret to over coming this crazy FLU?
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

At least that's what I think it is, but really?

Don't ask me, I just spent 2 weeks on the sofa hacking up a lung and sucking on an inhaler and Ricola...


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If it's not one thing .... it's THE DOG

On our trip south for the New Year holiday we visited my sister in law.
She was planning to move to a new city in a different state and could not take THE DOG with her.

THE DOG originally came from us. He was a rescue. I got him from a patient who went into a coma leaving her 3 dogs without a home.

Actually, the schnauzers had homes, but THE DOG? He had been to 3 homes and been returned in the course of about 6 weeks.

He is part mini-dachshund and part regular dachshund. This means he has a regular sized body on itty-bitty little legs.

Because of this he was beat up on by the dogs in the other homes he went to before I took him in. The poor thing was terrified of other dogs, even our 8 week old lab puppy who was half his size!

We took a trip our trip South with both the dogs that year and my brother in law fell in love with THE DOG, so he stayed.
When my brother in law died 2 years ago HeMan Hubby said we would take THE DOG back if it ever became necessary.

Well, apparently it became necessary. And I found out like the day before we were supposed to take him home with us!

THE DOG is now 10. He is accustomed to the warmer climes of the south so he has football jerseys, a winter coat and hat to keep him warm. Yes, I have a dog with a wardrobe!

Remember how I said he has short little legs?

Evidently he has also become accustomed to living in a one level house.
He spent yesterday moaning at me on the couch.
He acted like he had a tummy ache so he went out and, well, went. Then he seemed okay.

Today he came bounding down the stairs and took a header off the 3rd step from the bottom. He jumped up and shook himself off and then began to moan.

BratChild took him out and he did his business then plopped himself right down.
Then BratChild promptly left to go out and watch the snow fall, from someone else' back yard!
SIX took off right behind...
TeenBoy? Oh he went to play video games at a friend's house as soon as he got home...

Yes, here I sit with THE DOG, listening to him whine while I try to figure out how to come up with money for an emergency vet visit.

Did I mention today is my birthday and I get to spend it with THE DOG...
the one every one but me wanted.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What do Eye of the Tiger, Don't Stop Believing and Let's Groove have in common?

Well, aside from all being songs from the 1980's they all happen to be on my short list of songs I am considering for my Theme Song for 2011.

Or 0-11 as I like to call it.

There are a few others that I was considering like Pat Benetar's Shadows of the Night and Major Tom by Peter Schilling.

Why a theme song you may be thinking.

Well, I have never had one before and really, music is such a motivator, much more so than any motivational speaker or self-help novel could ever be.

Music is what sets the tone for the love scenes, dramatic confessions and eerie creepy scary slashers in movies.
You can tell what is about to happen by the music that is playing.
It lets you know that the outcome was favorable or dramatic or controversial.

Music is the force that drives teens. It is what helps them to find an indentity and sense of self.
It provides a topic of discussion that otherwise socially awkward children can use to break the ice and make friends.

It allows millions to let out their feelings by singing along at the top of their lungs while driving to and from work every day.

Music is the driving force for life the world in which we live.

So, a theme song seems like a good idea.

All the great TV shows and movies have theme songs that are easily recognizable.
M*A*S*H - Suicide is Painless is such a depressing title but... it is easily identified
ROCKY- all 6 movies btw
Jaws- I still have to ear shoes in the ocean and am constantly on look out for sharks!
The Pink Panther- an awesomely awesome cartoon from my childhood and series of really good movies

And so my search for a personal theme song has begun, began, beginned?

Something rugged like Rocky?
Definitely NOT something slow and painfully depressing like M*A*S*H.
A little not-so-subtle positive reinforcement like Journey's Don't Stop Believing?
A science fictional trip into space to remind me to keep my feet on the ground while my head is in the clouds?
Or a little diddy to remind me that no matter what, I am not alone, no matter how deep the shadows in the night, I have HeMan Hubby to take my hand and walk through them with me?

I think that maybe my theme song is not a single song, but perhaps it is an anthology comprised from all of these, plus some others, that will at times throughout the year ring out more loudly than the others, reminding me of the message that part of the whole has for me.

Yes, the Dawning Soundtrack will no doubt contain songs from the 80s and 90s and most likely one or 2 current hits, much like what you find on my iPod...

What it will most certainly NOT contain is screamo and bluegrass...
Sorry, but there ain't nothing going to happen in my life this year that will make either of those genres have any message to me...
At least there better not be!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Road Rage or.... Stupid Driver Gene?

Upon the drive to warmer climes to spend the New Year holiday with my sister and her family we encountered many drivers of questionable ability.

The trip south?
Well, sitting or creeping would be the most apt description for that leg of the trip.

The trip north?
It started out innocuously enough.

East from GA to SC for a quick stop to pick up The Dog.
No, please do not ask about The Dog.
I will undoubtedly revisit THAT topic at a later date... for now, well, never mind.

Of course we had to stop by to see the progress on my dream neighborhood and walk through the model home that happens to be MY DREAM HOME.
It's lovely and the building of MY DREAM HOME would commence immediately but for 2 things...
1) the road I want to live on - the one with lot 66- has not yet been developed
2) my house, the one in which TheBusyFamily currently resides, is not yet sold.
Heck, it's not even on the market... yet.

So... that dream is on hold... for now.

From there we hopped on I-95 N and headed homeward.
The trip south had taken 12.5 hours.
As it would turn out, so too did the trip north.
However, the north bound trip had several stops along the way that the trip south did not so... we really did make good time and have a pleasant drive...

Somewhere close to the South of the Border area, also known as the Sc/NC state line, one of those driver's of questionable ability appeared on the scene.

His appearance was noted by his sudden arrival between us and the vehicle we had been behind.
He was just there, as if he had been plopped down in the lane from no where.

He proceeded to tailgate the car in front while HeMan Hubby tried to distance himself before the rear bumper got tapped.
IdiotGuy really was that close when he cut into the lane.

And so the next several hours went.
IdiotGuy would jump to the right lane for a car length, then jump back into the left lane.
He would brake suddenly and then wildly zoom ahead only to brake forcefully just before nearly ramming into the car in front of him.

Did I mention it had started to rain, and rain and rain and mist and fog and rain some more?

The entire trek through the state of North Carolina and into Virginia we followed IdiotGuy, all the while avoiding collision and maintaining control on a wet and slippery road in heavy traffic.

At one point IdiotGuy's rear seat passenger turned and looked at our vehicle with a look of great disdain.

I can't be certain, but it may have been that he was being blinded by HeMan Hubby's high beams, or that he felt the malice emanating from HeMan Hubby and our fellow travellers trapped by IdiotGuy's lane hopping that prevented anyone from being able to gain any distance from him. FOR HOURS!
Or perhaps it was a little bit of both.

What do I know for certain is that the man driving the truck next to us was shooting daggers with his eyes at IdiotGuy just as fiercely as HeMan Hubby was. And when I looked around, it appeared that all of the other drivers that came into any close proximity to IdiotGuy wore the same look.

They happened to all be men.
And the front seat passengers all appeared to be women who, like me, wore looks of exasperation and defeat...

Because I think they, like me, had come to the same conclusion.

That we were all at the mercy of The Stupid Driver Gene which apparently is present in all men every where.
Wonderful, just wonderful...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Today is THE DAY... for what? What ever you want!

Today is THE DAY to start your NEW YEAR off right.

Some people make Resolutions.
Set goals that are, simply put, unattainable, unrealistic and just too hard to make stick.

Other people go the other route.
They make wishy-washy generalizations about things they may, or may not want to have, say or do in the coming year.

And still others?
They ignore the whole New Year -New Start debaucle.

I tend to be somewhere in the middle.

There are things I want to strive toward.
Better myself, improve my writing, increase my freelancing, be nicer, be better, be more than I am...

There are things I want to accomplish that may take time but that I am working toward.
Move South... sooner rather than later. Be financially sound... again, sooner rather than later. Help my grown children move out and start living independently! Again MUCH SOONER than later, PLEASE?

And then there is the what I want to be when I see me...
I want to be the me I see in my mind's eye, not the one I see in the mirror or photos.

Today I have started on a Journey to Me...

I have started a blog that will catalog that journey, no matter how awful it may be.

Join me and watch my weight loss saga unfold at:  COLOR ME THIN ...
Where I will try to be remain focused and goal-oriented, but I may get a little cranky from time to time.

I will continue my journey to me here on Dawning... because really, my Dawning is taking place every day that I discover a new something about myself and those around me...

Even when I am trying not to!