Thursday, December 23, 2010

Been There Done That ...So Don't Want To Go There Again!

The kids always open up in the car. 
When there is no where to run, to hide,  THAT is when they choose to drop little nuggets of their lives on me without warning.

SmartGirl needed candy canes. 
Somehow she, BratChild and I ended at the grocery store.

Yes, on the 3rd shopping day left before Christmas I was at a store. 
That I had to drive to.
On the roads.
With all the last minute shoppers gone crazy.

And then, she did it. BratChild just came out with a doozie.

"My friend at school is pregnant."

SmartGirl says- maybe you shouldn't be her friend.

I think the same thing, for just a split second, then my head kicks in and I say something like...
it's going to be hard for her...

I know how lame was I?
But in my defense I was appalled that I even thought for a nanosecond that BratChild should stop being her friend.

Her friend at school?

She is me 30 years ago.
I was the 8th grade girl scared and worried and not sure what was going to happen.

I was the one whose friends stopped calling.
Stopped sitting with her at lunch.
Stopped hanging out at the locker between classes.

The one who was alone.
Pointed at.
Laughed at.
Then ignored.

I told BratChild to tell her friend I was her age when I had GoodMom.
I told her that if she ever wanted to talk I would.

Her mom laughed when she told her. She thought it was a joke. 
Then she screamed and ran out of the house to get some air.
Then she came in, sat down and hugged her. 
Told her they would figure it all out together.

It was different for me. Very different.

I think she'll be okay.

She has BratChild for her friend and that makes her really lucky.

And BratChild

She has me... been there -done that- wish K wasn't going to go through it too...

She knows she can tell me anything, anything at all and I'll be there 
for whoever needs me
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