Thursday, November 18, 2010

Writer's Workshop: When I see you smile...

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop:

Prompt #2 - write a poem about a time someone made you smile.

This is about my son's first kiss... the one he gave his girlfriend after the final performance of the high school play she was in. He gave her the bouquet of roses he had picked out for her and then he kissed her for the very first time. I saw this happen from across the lobby. It made me smile as I remembered the awkward young boy his father was the very first time he kissed me... 

Tonight the final curtain call.
Is it the end or only the beginning
of  her career, a hobby, or a dream

A nervous laugh as the lights come up
beautiful red roses held tightly in his grasp
he saunters through the crowd unseen

And then, she turns her face toward him
her eyes gleam, her smile widens
as she watches him draw near

Flowers are thrust into her arms
he sighs then shuffles he feet, nervous
he leans in to give her love's first kiss

I watch from a distance
a smile on my face
and I think how like his father he really is.
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