Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Scary Thing Happened On The Way To A Football Game

Many of us do it. Usually several times a day.
How many of us are safe drivers though?

A law went into effect October 1st that no one can text or talk while driving in my state. 
One MUST use a hands free device to converse on the phone while driving.

There was a cry of outrage from the media, the public, the teens who's cell phones have been surgically attached to their wrists! 

Somehow, in all the to-do about that law, another more important, and to my mind totally for dummies law, went  into effect without so much as a whisper of commentary.

As of October 1st, failing to move to the left, or if unable to move left, to slow down, when passing a police vehicle on the shoulder with lights on is a ticket-able offense.

I know, it's a long law. And it's a totally 'Well Duh!' kind of law. Everyone I asked, like me, was taught to move over a lane when a police car is on the shoulder with lights on when they were in driver's ed way back in the dark ages. 

Apparently, the driving classes now don't teach that? Or perhaps they don't emphasize the importance of this little courtesy to our men in blue? Either way, it appears that there have been so many police officers injured, or killed, during routine traffic stops by cars side-swiping or rear-ending the police cruisers, and/or the cars they have stopped, that lawmakers felt this had to be addressed with this new law.

Just when I thought that, yet again, the lawmakers of my state were wasting tax payer money writing laws for things that are common sense, I was put in my place. For thinking, that is.

On the way to TeenBoy's final football game of the season ( no you do not want to know the score), I was driving in the right lane. In front of me was a brand new full-size pickup with the ginormous tires and a gun-rack in the rear window. 
As we approached a red light the truck turned on his right turn signal and moved into the right turn lane. Only to slow, then swerve suddenly to the left, cutting off a car that was coming through the intersection - as he DID have the green light - then continued across all the lanes of traffic, pedal to the metal, only to turn into the McDonald's parking lot on the other side of the road.

I give up.
There are no 'Well, Duh!' laws. 
All of them need to be written down and THEN they need to broadcast them daily on a loudspeaker along the highways so that all the stupid people, like that truck driver, will have no excuse to say they did not know the laws.

Oh, the driver was not a youngster, or even an older person who was perhaps confused... but someone, who in all appearances, seemed to be 30-40 and in good physical health. 
At least from what I see for the10 minutes he was driving in front of me before he went insane.

TeenBoy will be eligible for his learner's permit in one year. 
Great, like I don't have enough to worry about already! 
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