Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SMO Anyone ?

(no, it's not a drink, sheez!)

Social Media Optimization

Yeah... that's the new 'Thing' in technology.

What does it mean? What is it?

It's what you do every time you 'Like' someone, or something, on Facebook.
When you tweet a link or re-tweet something that really cool person you think you might like to know tweeted.
When you Stumble Upon your friend's website or Blog.

It's what Blogger and Disquis and WordPress and all those other places where people like me can set up and maintain a blog... a place to talk to themselves in cyber space... are promoting in a not so round about way.

It's what companies like to see.

It's where more and more are getting their products talked about and tried out and wanted by Real People in the Real World.

It's the NEXT BIG THING for Ad Execs and Companies with products to sell....

And it's not going away any time soon...

But on a Computer Geek timeline... it's probably already outdated!
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