Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Coming Weekend... A Night To Remember?

TeenBoy had his first High School Experience this past week. 

SPIRIT Week came to a crescendo last Friday afternoon with a Pep Rally, followed by the JV then Varsity Homecoming football games.

Which they lost.


Like every other game this season.

They did not give up.
They did not surrender.
They did not stop giving their all...

Even when their own fans stopped cheering madly.
Stopped waving banners.
'WIN IT'.... yes, they tried
Stopped paying attention to the game.

The JV players kept the Varsity guys pumped up...         

They soldiered on 
Fought the good fight...

Then went their separate ways as the crowds dispersed;
their classmates and friends all went home.

Only to reconvene for the Homecoming Dance Saturday Night.

TeenBoy experienced this Rite of Passage into Teen-dom
And he went with a girl... friend.
A friend who's a girl?

$200.00 suit jacket, $40.00 tickets, $35.00 orchid, and a tie...

And in the words of HeMan Hubby...

"All that money and all he got was a girlfriend?"

TeenBoy is now 'in a relationship' with his date for the dance.

I know this to be true because...

It's says so on FaceBook!
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