Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hanging in the Hood... in a so not creepy way

Eight large pizzas.

Two cases of diapers.

A vacuum cleaner.

An all-in-one printer.

Recycling day is wonderful.


Because I learn so much about my neighbors...

without having to be Stalker-ish!

All I have to do is go to work and I'll know all about the people that live on my street!

Huge party for the returning war hero = Eight large pizzas

Potty training has failed  (again) = empty diaper cases

Serious Fall Clean-up and perhaps a For Sale sign in the yard?  = new high-powered-pet-dander-removing vacuum

Fancy new all-in-one printer.... nope it's mine and all it means is HeMan Hubby wouldn't let me get the 30.00 one from Wal-Mart... he had to have the wireless printing...
and it's out of ink
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