Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Days of Our Lives... not the soap opera, the real days!

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Yesterday was Monday.                      

I know, Monday!


It just keeps coming back, week after week, although it never gets a warm welcome.

I wonder if it feels like the kid on the school playground that is always the last one picked for the dodgeball team... and inevitably, the first one out?

If the days of the week were children in a family, then Saturday would be the favored, golden child and Monday...

Think Cinderella, doing all the dirty work for the rest of the family.

On Facebook were all the 'OMG it's Monday?' comments from friends and acquaintances... it was a universal theme from people ALL OVER THE GLOBE!

Except for one.

One post, of all the Monday Morning Blues posts, was positive...

One post, out of all those others, was an 'I'm happy it's Monday' post.

I know, weird, right?

And why was that one person glad it was Monday?

Because Monday is the last day of their work week... meaning for them, Monday is Friday and a VERY welcome day indeed.

Every thing is relative...

And Nothing is the same for every one...

And Monday is probably feeling a little better about it's self knowing it is welcome...

If only by a small handful of people the world over.

Kind of like dentists... tolerated as a necessary evil...
Until you need a wisdom tooth pulled...
then he's your best friend.

People really need to work on that...

and by People, I mean me.
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