Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Based on The Lady Blogger Society Women of Achievement challenge.

This is a list of wishes... these, we'll call them GOALS, are things I want to achieve... in the future- near or distant... or as soon as possible.

1) Move to South Carolina... guess selling my house should come first then, huh?

2) Being a nicer person... but still be able to say NO when I don't want/can't manage to do every thing for every one.

3) Okay - add Say NO to the list... not always say No, but only when I really need to... like... when I'm tired of being THE ONE to do stuff.

4) Guess I better add DELEGATE then... or maybe lower my standards, or not be so picky about HOW others get the job done, just that they DO?

5) I want to be able to work from home... a real job, like writing my stories or blogging, but get paid for it. Or making jewelry and purses and bags...

6) I want to be able to spend time with my family and not feel guilty for not taking that extra shift I could have worked.

7) I want to look in a mirror and feel like I have accomplished something worth doing.

8) I want to have the chance to talk to women about living with abuse, being a pregnant teen, finding a way to make a better life for yourself... I want the things I have lived in my life to be able to help others with theirs.

9) I want to be famous... okay not really, but I want people to remember me.

10) I want to make the time to make my jewelry and purses and bags to sell AND have them sell!!!

I think I am becoming greedy.
If I can have just a few of these things come true then I'll be satisfied.

Which ones mean the most to me?

Number 1 and number 8... after that I'll take them as they come.
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