Friday, September 17, 2010

Back 2 Blogging... Why Do You Blog?

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Today is the final Back 2 Blogging Challenge: Why do I blog?

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The question is 'Why do I blog?'

Well, the answer is simple ... yet complex.

I Blog because I enjoy writing. The porcess of writing helps me to put my thoughts together in my head, to sort out feelings and issues to be dealt with, to release some of the frustration and anger that has accumulated over the years.

I started my blog, initially, as a place to showcase the handcrafted items for sale on my website and to have a place to post my original crochet patterns.

Of course, LIFE got in the way, as it tends to do, and I wasn't designing jewelry or crocheting much, if at all.

But, I still had a desire to write.

So I started writing, or I went back to writing, short stories and poems. Then I moved onto tackle the book I have been wanting to write for years and years... and that brought me to Blogging.

As I began putting my past down on paper, I came to realize that I was writing about a stranger, or at the very least, someone I had not known in a very long time. Someone I thought it was about time I get reacquainted with.

To that end I reassessed my Blog and re-thought my style and decided to let myself write what myself wanted as a way to find out who I am, now that I'm all grown up.

I Blog to find me. To let the voice that I kept quiet and hidden for so long free.
To get to know me, the me that I thought I would never be again.

And because it really bugs my kids that I talk about them...

BusyMom's gotta have some fun some how, right?
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