Monday, August 16, 2010

Social Networking - a necessary evil... Evil? I Don't Think So!

Social Networking.

Is it a person, place or thing?
Perhaps it's an action?

A noun or a verb, that is the question.

Does one engage in Social Networking, or is one simply a member of a Social Network?
And if you belong to a Social Network, what is the price of joining?

For me, it is both a noun, and a verb.
It is a Thing, and an Action.

Social Networking is more than just connecting with business associates in hopes of procuring your dream job; more than connecting to other people with similar interests, lifestyles, careers and hobbies.

Social Networking is very much an attempt to validate one's self by finding, and communing with, people who are very much like themselves.

What is the price to be paid for being a member of a Social Network?
A kidney, your first-born child, tips on the Next Big Thing?

Nope- the only price is one that most of us willingly, and oft times, enthusiastically, give.

Our own input, sage advice, and past experience in the guise of witty, acerbic and very nearly always, heart-felt comments.

Comments are freely given on blogs, internet community forums, chat rooms. Facebook, Twitter and message boards on Google, Yahoo and AOL are always filled with advice and commentary on any, and all, subject matter.

For me, Social Networking has taken the form of blogging, and the forums that I have found through blogging.

The Secret to Success is Support
Mama's Little Nestwork
Google Reader
Circle of Moms
Cafe Mom

These are the places and the people that I look to for enjoyment and relaxation, and yes, even validation of my own life and ideals.

( I actually think The Bloggess and I are twins separated at birth she thinks so much like me!)

I read blogs and forum discussions on sublects that interest me.

Anything from being a mom (how to be a good mom?) to making jewelry and crafts to dealing with the stress of running a home to figuring out what my purpose in life really is (again the being a good mom thing... I think I have an obsession about this topic).

I have made connections with people- and no they are not all women, nor are all the women moms- all over the globe.

I enjoy the differing perspectives and resulting input.

I take comfort in knowing Social Networking is not just an action, it is a Thing.

And that Thing has made my life a little bit richer and, dare I say, productive.

(Just don't tell HeMan Hubby... he thinks it's just a little hobby to take up some of my spare time... did I say spare time? I meant time that I should be spending on housework or writing the Great American Novel or something, right!)
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