Saturday, August 28, 2010

I said S E O... not, you know, S E X !


I read several blogs regularly, er, a lot, er, often?
Okay, I read them when I get a frickin chance. Like today.

Because apparently the people who call and ask for 1) hours the store is open TODAY
2) directions to the store and
3) if you have a certain pair of shoes in their size...

Don't really plan to come in today at all.

Yes, I said 4 people called and asked those very same questions and they have not come in to purchase said shoes from me today.

Oh, you didn't know I sell shoes?

Well, I do. Unless of course the shoe consumers do not actually come in, then I just clean and dust the aforementioned shoes so they will be pretty and make people want to buy them WHEN some one actually shows up to look at them!

I know. I'm cranky. You'd be too if you kept answering the phone and expecting people to come in to see your lovely and wonderful and terrific shoes!

Oh, back to topic.... which was?
Yeah, blog reading. Which I do. And I have favorites.
Like The Bloggess and Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver...

Today I read a post on The Bloggess about Google searches that led to her blog... and WOWSERS! does she get some interesting search words leading back to her...I think I'm jealous, but then I think about WHO would be searching for those words and I think maybe I'm a little afraid for poor Jenny The Bloggess and her creepy, scary admirers.

All this got me to wondering HOW does one know what searches lead to their website?
And what exactly is an SEO and how does it work?

I said I want to know... not that I found out... so now I will go out into the land of the search engine optimizers ( see I do know what an SEO is... just not 100% on what it does or how...) and I will search for the answers to my queries.

I might even find them and then I may even understand them.

It could happen?
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