Friday, August 13, 2010

How Southern Are you?

How Southern are you?

Do you call your elders Mrs. Smith or Ms. Betty?
Do you drink Sweet Tea or Iced Tea or Long Island Iced Tea?
Do you say Hey!, Hi! or Hello?
Do you shake, smile or hug in greeting?

Actually, any of the above would be considered Southern... just depends on how Southernly you wanted to be...

Except for the Mrs. Smith part. No one in the south is called Mrs. Anything. Unless it's your school teacher. Then it's Missus Whatever... and the nasty old lady at the end of the block... the one with hundreds of cats...

A sure fire way to tell how Southern you are is your hobbies.

Southern Women volunteer and do charity work. They work in the church nursery and the local soup kitchen. They organize fundraisers for the school and help sell Girl Scout cookies... even if they don't have a Girl Scout in the family.

But the number one tell-tale sign that you really are Southern???

All Southern women wear ugly hats and grow things in the dirt...

At least that's what they said in Steel Magnolias
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