Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hook, Line and Available Credit, Please...

You have someone looking for you!
Someone signed your class guestbook.
Find out who's looking for you.
BusyMom It's time for your REUNION!

Ummm... is this a bulletin being put out by CCAS- Concerned Citizens Against Stalkers- or a local chapter of CCFRU- Credit Card Fraud R Us?

No, these are actual email subject lines from Classmates and
What they fail to mention is that you can only access the info and SEE if there really is someone looking for you-- in a good, so glad you're still alive and kicking, remember when kind of way-- IF you pay the monthly, yearly, until the end of the universe fees.

Then, for only 4.99 a month, or 39.99 a year or 100 million for the rest of your life...
you too can find out that the creepy, scary dude who sat next to you in US history junior year, the one with the gun in the ROTC uniform, the one who went a little crazy and stole a tank... yeah, that guy- he's been looking for you and wants to know how things are hanging...

Ummm, and it's not even MY reunion, it's HeMan Hubby's. Someone really should make sure that info is accurate before they go putting it all over the internets...

HaHa I made a joke... seriously, I did.

Just wait, you'll the get email about it from Classmates or reunion or yearbook or confirming that "an old friend" told a joke...Click here to find out who!

I bet you will!
Right after you sign on the dotted line and deliver your first born kid (the people kind, not a baby goat)then, and only then will you know the true meaning of being so popular EVERYONE can't wait to see you again... I mean it's only been 20-something years and who knows how long you have to live, right?
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