Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Greener by the Minute...

So many crafts.
So little time.

Well, that's not exactly true... I mean the time part, not the craft part because you KNOW there are like millions of things that people do as crafts.

Some of them are cool, exciting, interesting and/or unusual.
Some are just odd, weird or down-right scary.
(taxidermy, I'm really thinking taxidermy)

Of course, Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder... and my eyesight isn't the best.

But seriously, recycled beer can hats and tote bags?

I like to crochet and the idea of reusing something as opposed to throwing it away is appealing to me. And my Mom was a recycler/reuser/reducer WAY before it became popular...
like before I was born 40-something years ago...
back when she was living in the post-depression depressed economy of Pennsylvania where there was apparently no jobs, no money and not much of anything else.

But I digress...

So recycling is something I agree with. I see the validity of it. The rightness of watching out for Mother Nature since WE (I mean the human race) has really mucked it up.

But using beer cans?
And what about those styrofoam meat package trays?
And dryer lint?

Yes, I did say dryer lint. Did you know there are people whose hobby is to spin dryer lint into yarn? No, really. They do!

Using colored glass bottles to make mosaics and jewelry pieces and wind chimes I get.
Turning an old T-shirt into a tie-dyed pool-cover up for a toddler is pretty cool.
Making a laptop messenger bag out of an old pair of HeMan Hubby's jeans - is something on my list of things to do when I get my sewing machine repaired... again!

Turning found items into something else. Finding a new purpose for something that has outgrown it's original one.
Totally so worth doing.
And so creative and NOW!

Too bad that wasn't the case when I was growing up...

I wonder if all those kids who teased me because my mom made all my clothes, because my mom used "trash" to create things like quilts and blankets and Girl Scout projects and Christmas ornaments...

If I could just point out to them that we, like Bill Gates, were pioneers of the future and that they are late to the party?

No, I don't think they'll buy it either.
But hey! It was worth a shot.
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