Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fait Accomplis.... It is Done!

Finally! the cable and internet are alive and well at the BusyFamily house.

I was told The Cable Guy would be out first thing yesterday.
What does one do while waiting for The Cable Guy to arrive?

Drink a cup of joe and read on the back porch.
Vacuum the floors.
Wash the dishes.
Clean the kitchen.
Read a book.
Scrub the floors.
Clean the pool.
Do water aerobics.
Eat breakfast.
Take a shower.

Now it's 12 noon... no longer bright and early in my book so...

Call The Cable Guy company to find out where he is...

then wait some more, watch some DVR'd shows, take a nap and VOILA'...

I shoulda taken a nap first, maybe he woulda showed earlier!

And I gave up a day of crabbing for this?

NOW the fun begins.

Tweens running in the door from school will fight over whose turn it is to decimate evil demons online.

The Adult-like kids will spend countless hours submitting resumes and combing the job listings on Monster and CareerBuilder... maybe today they will find a 'Real' job.

And me, BusyMom, will have to find the time to check out the bank accounts, pay some bills, then do some grocery shopping.

The dog needs food.
The kids need lunch meat.
HeMan Hubby is out of Pepsi and snacks.
Someone said we need T.P.... they're probably right.

Five days without cable and internet.

The quietest and most relaxed 5 days this month...

Nothing like a break from technology to help you appreciate the little things in life...

like online banking and streaming video!
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