Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Review:

The Selfless Gene:

Living with God and Darwin
by Charles Foster

The cover of this book suggested an " intelligent and highly readable" look at the differences of Creationism and Natural Selection, and how they may actually be connected.

This is a thought provoking journey into the idea that God and the theory of Evolution can co-exist.

At times it is very straight forward, with the pros and cons of both schools of thought very easy to follow.

At other times, the constant back and forth from one proponent to the other, from one adversarial point to another, can be a bit hard to follow.
Add the big words and long-winded explanations and it is even more so.

I found that I enjoyed this book, as long as I was able to remove myself from any distractions and could give myself to it completely.

It is a difficult read that is only somewhat easier if you have a knowledge of scripture, religous theory and a medical or scientific background.

Staying with the author through chapter 4 proved to be difficult. I often felt that the author was speaking down to the reader, and attempting to force his views of Neo-Darwinists and their counterparts, The Young Earth Creationists upon the unsuspecting, and perhaps in the opinion of the author, unlearned reader.

After traversing through the convoluted back ground for each of these group's theories, and getting into the actual reason for the book- the part where Science and Theology can, and very likely do, work together- it was much easier to see and understand the point of view of the author and the soundness of his ideas.

This is not a book to be taken lightly; however, it may be perfect if you are having trouble getting to sleep.
At least until somewhere around Chapter 5.

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