Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yes, Sure, No Problem.... words to ban from my vocabulary... tomorrow

There are those who Do and those who DO NOT.

I happen to be a DO...
I WISH I was a DO NOT.

I DO the whole involved-mom-who-volunteers-for-everything... ummm, thing.

I DO help out friends who need me, when I can... and even when I can't...

I have a friend who has a brain tumor I am helping a couple days a week; a friend who needs someone to work in her store now and again... and then some.

Football and Soccer season are about to start... officially, although mini-camp and conditioning and drop-in games have been going since school got out last month.

I DO work a real job... it's part-time, but staying up all night and then all the next day running people hither and yon and myself to and fro...
Who needs sleep anyway?

Fatique is my middle name, or perhaps it SHOULD be?

The DO NOT's do not do all that I DO.

They DO NOT run kids from high school conditioning to drop-in soccer to rec league mini-camp to DeMolay to Rainbow to picnics to parades to community service events and fundraisers...

They DO NOT have THE GIRLS swimming in their pool, the neighborhood boys skate boarding in their drives, the she-dog next door visiting their yard to play with THE DUKE (all 100 furry pounds of gorgeous lab... that she-dog has good taste!), family and friends stopping in... then staying for 2,3,4 days.

They DO NOT spend evenings watching their kids at ball practice.
They DO NOT spend weekends flipping burgers and serving up fries, cleaning up trash, lining fields...
They DO NOT spend hours and hours each week wracking up enough miles to have driven to California, but never having gone more than 30 miles in any direction.
They DO NOT lose sleep worrying about other people's kids, health, financial problems.

I wonder what it is exactly that they do DO?

One day my wish will come true, and I too will be a DO NOT...

I only hope I'm alive to know about it!
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