Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Voices in my head keep telling me what to do... But WAIT! That's the TV!

'Buy Now and SAVE! '
'Get younger looking skin NOW! '
'Cover your Gray NOW!'

Do you ever get the feeling people are telling you what to do?

I sure do, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

If I don't buy anything, you know what? I'll save even more.

And my skin is very young looking, because, well, I'm not old. If I look any younger my kids will be older than me!

Gray? Moi? Yeah, caught gray-haired with Miss Clairol on my hands.
Yes, I color my gray- only because it's not gray, it's wiry, white and thicker than all the other hairs on my head. Don't want to look OLDER than I am, right?

Who died and made the commercial people the boss of the world anyway?
Oh, the moral compass broke and made them the boss.

Are commercials more bossy and aggressive now?
Or do I just notice it more?

Nope, they are pushier and bossier and more condescending than they used to be.
And they dummy down to sell products. Like the world population is too stupid to understand big words, literary references, classic quotes and music.

Now the question is ...

Are the average consumers less intelligent, more illiterate (and alliterate) than the ones before because of the lack of drive and motivation to excel, or because they are dummying down commercials, TV programs and music; telling people what to do and when and how to do it?

Using poor grammar, slang and bad taste all the while.

Commercialism at it's finest?
Some would say so.

Me, anyone telling me what to do is automatically suspect.

I am not a robot and I CAN think for myself...

Doesn't mean I won't actually go out and buy what ther're hawking on TV...
It just means I'm going to think about it and then buy it when I'm ready, and not before...

Unless the sale is about to end, then I might have to run out and buy quick, like the commercials want us to...

because a penny saved is a penny saved and you never know when you might need an real-live, actual penny, do you?
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