Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things I ask myself... sometimes I even answer!

Yes. I talk to myself. Often.
No. I do not often answer myself.
At least I don't think it's often.
You may disagree.

WE've decided to agree to disagree on that point.

Oh, the point?

Is that sometimes one finds talking aloud is helpful and often gives another perspective on a problem or solution.

I know, it's still your own persepctive, but it's out loud, so that makes it totally different! Sheesh!

Back to topic, please...

I ask myself questions all day long like:


"Is it still Saturday if I haven't been to bed yet?"

"Dishwasher? Dishes? Dirty? Maybe I should check?"

"Did I vacuum lately? Should I vacuum?"

"Where are the boys?" "Where are the girls?"

"Maybe I should call the neighbors to see if the kids are there?"

Sometimes I even answer myself:

"Saturday! Thank God! Go back to sleep BusyMom... you can get at least another 30 minutes!
You're Welcome."

"Yes- it is still the day before if you haven't gotten into bed yet. So even though you know it's 6am Sunday, for YOU it is still Saturday. Sunday will start when you get out of bed in 2 hours.
You're Welcome."

"Who cares if the dishes are clean or dirty... just use a paper towel! Good Grief!"

"Vacuuming takes so much energy and the floor still looks good... and it's raining and you know the kids will be tracking sand in until the ground dries no vacuuming.
You're Welcome."

"The boys are playing videos next door, the girls are somewhere else doing their hair/makeup/clothes... Thank GOD!"

"And don't bother to call. They won't answer anyway, what with all the maiming and mutiltating going on... those playskool people really are tough!
You wish it was playskool instead of World of Warcraft...
at least the playskool people are cute."

Does answering myself make me nuts?
"No!" I tell myself. It keeps me focused and on track so that I don't forget what I was going to do.

And how else would I solve all the problems that come up in life...
you don't think I actually have time to do it all by myself, do you?

"Why No!" I tell Myself...

Myself says "You're Welcome."

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