Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Free-Radicals are coming, the Free-Radicals are coming! ... I'm thinking this IS NOT what Paul Revere was worried about

I am increasingly concerned about my health and welfare.

I have to watch my weight- it's supposed to go down but...
eat fresh foods, drink more water, cut back caffiene, stop smoking (I'll get right on that one!), wear SPF EVERY FREAKIN DAY, floss daily, laugh more, worry less!

But how can I?

Antioxidants. Free-Radicals. Carcinogens. Electromagnetic fields. Radiation. Microwaves...

These are all out there, in the common space the world shares.
And, they're out to get us all!

I'm not really sure what a free-radical is. Or an Antioxidant either, for that matter.
But they are bad or good or something ... right?

Maybe I should start watching The View or The Doctors or The Something...

But I'd rather sit on the deck in the sun reading a book drinking a pot of coffee enjoying a cigarette, or two, while wearing my SPF face cream and body lotion, with sunglasses on, sitting UNDER the awning in the shade.

And yes, I do meet the daily water intake recommended, and eat salads and fresh fruits and yogurt and whole grains...

Most, er, a lot of the time.
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