Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Who and What I Am...

People who know me know what I do for a living.

At least I think they do.
They seem to know I am a nurse. I work nights. I do something with kids.

I'm a night nurse, working private cases for special needs/chronically and terminally ill children.

So yeah, they know what I do, kinda.

When I started this blog I wanted to take a look at my life.
But not just the living of my life. I wanted to look at the choices I make, and have made, and try to figure out how they got me to the person and place I am today.

I've written about lots of things. I use comic relief to take the edge off topics that are hard for me to discuss, or are just really serious.

I have found that my natural tendency to be flippant or comedic at times has resurfaced after 20 years in hiding. And I find that I speak my mind and let my personality come out in person a lot more.

I named this blog Dawning... one- because Dawn is my name, and two- because I wanted to find myself, the me I thought I had lost along my life's journey.

I have found she was not lost so much as sleeping, somewhere hidden in my inner self.

And yes, she is waking, and like the Dawn of a new day...

She is ready, and raring to go...

And she doesn't mind bringing you along for the ride.

Oh, and for those of you who are into names... my first and middle names together actually mean- A new day reborn...

I guess my parents picked the right name for me way back when... right?
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