Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh Crap.... I almost forgot! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Good, got that out there into the world of the unknown... AKA Cyberspace.

It's been a good day.

HeMan Hubby is on call this week- started Friday night- and his Blackberry has only BLEEB-BLEEBED in the middle of the night a few times since. Wow!

He spent all day yesterday dismanteling the existing pool deck in order to build a new addition to the house deck. I know, I'm confused about the whole thing and I live here!

He got the pressure washer working, amazingly enough- and used it on the decking he took down yesterday and this morning... yeah, can't get him up for work, but on his off-day he's up at dawn??? Well, with a little help from the BLEEB-BLEEBING of the Blackberry. He then pressure washed the front porch and front walk and driveway and... every flat surface around the yard, I think.

I got him a smoker for a combination Anniversary/Father's Day gift. I thought it would be a grand surprise.

Apparently not.

Friday, I left my walking date after only 2.5 miles, instead of the normal 4.5, to run to the store and get it so I would be home at the normal time. I thought he would then be shocked to see what I had in the van when he came out to bring in the "groceries" while I hopped in the shower.

Yeah, not so much. I had to ask him if he liked his surprise, then he only grunted. Maybe the conference call he was on had something to do with it, but I expected a smile, something?

For his Father's Day gift I turned on the air conditioning.

Do. Not. Laugh.

This is a big thing. A HUGE thing. A monumentous occasion at our house because I hate AC, and because here in the land of 'raise the frickin price of everything' electricity is just WAY expensive.

He laughed when I told him about the AC, but he was really happy about it, not a HAHA laughing. Really. He knows how I guard the AC button like a middle school hall montior!

While he was enjoying his MANLY-MAN activities for the day, I was opening several weeks worth of mail.

I have a spread sheet with the bills on it that I use to pay them on time...

Don't worry that I have unpaid bills loitering around on the dining room, breakfast room tables for weeks on end.

Oh, the bills ARE loitering there, but they are not unpaid is my point.

Silly me.

I opened the cell phone bill curious to see the printed version of it- I usually just look online- and nearly died from shock!


I hurry-up dialed the company and asked about the breakdown for this bill...

The deal is...

BratChild used the 'house' phone - read the cell phone that is SUPPOSED to be the house phone since we got rid of the land line- as her personal texting machine and had 3177 texts in less than 3 weeks!

Her portion of the phone bill is $305.00!!!

You remember BratChild, right?
The 13 year old girl, who lives in my house, who might not live to be 14?

Needless to say that she is now my indentured servant.
I struggled with keeping this from HeMan Hubby, it being Father's Day and all...
But I had to tell him because, well, he was gonna hear me screaming at BratChild anyway, so...

Happily HeMan Hubby DID NOT have a heart attack when I told him the bill total....
And luckily, for BratChild, he is not a violent man.

But he is a fair man and because he is...

He agrees to the whole indentured servant-ness of her summer vacation.

So, all's well that ends well...

For Me and HeMan Hubby that is!

For BratChild... not so much.
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