Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining... well, not all of them

Can the weather be a reflection of the turmoil in one's life?

I think it can.

A friend died today.

She was a wife, a mother, an individual with a personality all her own...

She had sarcoidosis of the liver.

Just 2 months ago she was told that her liver was not bad enough to be put on the transplant list.

Just 3 months ago we were in New Orleans for the DeMolay Old South competition with our boys.

She spent the past 4 weeks in and out of the hospital with various health issues that were related to her liver problem, but not life threatening once the docs got them under control.

Or so they said.

Apparently not.

So, I sit here watching the sky turn black-yellow-green, the winds whip up a frenzy of flying leaves and limbs- I fully expect to see The Wicked Witch of the West fly by on her broom any second- and the rain fall in horizontal sheets obstructing all view more than a foot from the windows.

And I like the look and the sound of the storm raging outside.

It fits the storm that I feel raging inside.

Yes, the weather can reflect one's feelings.

At least today, for me, the weather did just that.
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