Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bon Anniversaire... or in the words of the people in my house... It's Your Anniversary? Today?

Today is a wonderful day at my house.

Today is me and HeMan Hubby's anniversary.

14 years ago today we went to the court house and got hitched.

I wore a watered silk dress- which was a good thing since we had to walk 8 blocks in 90 degree heat so it was gonna look like watered silk whether it was or not!

We stood in the little gray-walled room, complete with No Smoking signs and holes in the walls, and said our vows.

Exchanged rings, oh wait, never mind... no rings at that point. We were too poor. But we did get rings, eventually. Really, I swear!

We went to dinner downtown that night. We had candle light and cold salad, thanks to the power outage that hit as soon as our dinner went into the oven...

Then we hurried home, to avoid the flash flooding and dodge the hail, and snuggled into bed.

Where I promptly passed out from exhaustion.

After all, I had worked the night before and only had a few hours sleep that morning...

What? Full time nights, kids 6,10 & 14... and 6 month old?

You would have fallen asleep too...

And as we started out, so we continue...

Tonight I gotta work.

We'll do something tomorrow.

If I can stay awake...

Oh! I almost forgot... I got a blogger award!
Drum Roll Please.....

And Yes there are some rules to accepting this acolade of the blogging trade...
I'll be posting them on Monday to start help others start their week of right! A big Gigantic Humongous GiNormous Thank You to Cheryl @ 1 Crafty Mom and 2 Ornery Kids!
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