Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another day in the life of the BusyBusy Family...did the Fat Lady sing yet???


It's been a busy weekend for the BusyBusy Family, and it's not over yet!

Yesterday was the funeral for GoodMom's father in law.

He died on Memorial Day, after mowing the lawn.
It was unexpected... and sudden.
Awful, but good, too, in a way.
In that is was quick and not painful I mean...

We had prior commitments and as I so often find myself, I was jockeying kids from one place to another becasue, when you say you will do something, YOU DO IT!

We managed to get them all done, and the kids, although whiney about it at first, actually had a good time.

After the funeral I had to take BratChild and SIX to meet up with TeenBoy at a local festival where he was helping the Masons with their CHIP program.

What IS CHIP you ask?

Very good question, and something every parent needs to know about.

CHIP stands for Child Id Program, and is a nationwide program that takes information from parents/guardians of children of all ages AND puts it into a file that can be read by any law enforcement agency in the country.

Personal data, fingerprints, photos and a video ( for voice recognition and mannerisms) are done right there on a single computer, in minutes, with the end result a packet containing a CD with all the data on it, printed ID form with photo ID sections that can be laminated to carry in a wallet, and a DNA swab.
Once home you swab your child's inner cheek, then return it to it's wrapper and place in the packet envelope.
The packet can then be stored in a cool, dry place- readily accessible for vacations or if, God Forbid, and I so seriously mean that, it is needed in a hurry.

The coolest part about this is that in an emergency you just hand the CD to a law enforcement officer and they can slide it into the computer in their official vehicle and press a button and VOILA' ...

Amber Alert is out NATIONWIDE in seconds... WOWSERS!

Is that not cool, or what?

The other MOST AWESOME part is that this service is FREE.

The program software and hardware is provided by the State Police and is compatible with the 2 programs used nationwide.

Masonic Lodges all over the country have purchased these units and provide this service to anyone FREE OF CHARGE...

The Masons are a community service organization, after all, and the welfare of children is their priority.

Mason's sponsor children's hospitals, cancer centers and research, MS research, eye and hearing clinics...

and so much more...

Do you have a school or community event coming up that NEEDS this service there???

Just contact your local Masonic Lodge and ask about the CHIP program.
They'll be happy to help and you won't meet a nicer group of men who really care about their community....

Because community means family and the Mason's are all about Family...

The only problem I found is...
That in all the hectic-ness of the day I FORGOT to get my own kids done!

Next time I will...

Really, I WILL!
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