Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stop the Instantlies!
It makes sense, really, it does!

Instant Gratification.

Instant Coffee. Instant Savings. Instant Tea. Instant Downloads. Instant Meals.
Instant Everything!

Like the 5 minutes it takes to brew a pot of joe, or download some iTunes is too long to wait?

There is an entire generation of people who expect everything to come to them Instantly.

Success. Money. Fame. Fortune.

Work ethic is nearly extinct from all the Instants floating around.

As those Polar Bears can tell you... things aren't getting any better.

Educations are barely minimum, motivation is sorely lacking. Just add a struggling world economy, an oil spill or 2, a few natural disasters and stir...

Instant Collapse of Civilzation as we know it.

A little less instant and more long-haul seems to be in order..

Time to dig in our heels and roll up our sleeves...

To stop expecting to find what you want just because you want it...

Not because it is deserved, or even earned..

Time to stop the Instants...

I think I'll start with my coffee... freshly brewed...

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