Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Sharefest.... of a different sort

Saturday's on The Secret is in the Sauce are Sharefest Saturdays.

When you post a comment on the site you add a link to a favorite post from your own blog for other SITS members to read.

Today I am doing a Sharefest, but it is not of my favorite posts, but rather some of my favorite things I have found online.

The Secret is in the Sauce- blogging info, tips and support from other bloggers like me!

Fancast- TV shows available anytime I want... great for the busy mom on the go!

Cafemom- a site for moms by moms with a little something for everyone!

Ijango- a free web portal with everything you can imagine- email, shopping, news... and a pay check for you just for using it!

facebook- social networking... HELLO!

The Bloggess
BlogFrog- blogging community
Amy's Assorted Adventures
CraftGossip Crochet
Crafty Minx

These are just a few of the my favorite things found on the World Wide Web...
Why not take a minute and share some of yours?
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