Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maybe I'll change MY name.... Just call me Lady D!

I wonder about really odd things sometimes.

Like basketball.
Well, not really basketball, but the team names.

The other night the Boston Celtics were playing the Orlando Magic.
The whole time I all I could think of was that if they are really from BOSTON...

Hello? Irish people unite...

They would be called the Celtics- with a K sound, not the Celtics with an S sound.
I mean, seriously, have you ever heard anyone talk about the Selts and the Picts and the Druids of Ireland?

Of course you haven't!

That then got me thinking about the names of other sports teams... or rather the new names of teams.

Like the Bullets had to change to the the Wizards because Wizards are not deadly?

I mean that Voldemort guy kills people just by THINKING A WORD!
Really, Wizards are pretty scary if you think about it!

Then there are the Anaheim Ducks.
Oooo, just the thought of going up against a flock of Ducks strikes fear into the hearts of men... yeah, right.

And what's with the stadium and arena names changing too?

The Capital Center is now The Verizon Center. NO Verizons play there!
And Ravens Stadium is the M&T Bank Stadium. What is up with that?

Just like all the championship and bowl games seem to be called by the sponsoring products... The Bud Light Classic? The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl? The Kemper Open(these are not insurance agents playing a friendly round!) The Winston Cup... does the winner's cup come filled with cigarettes?

Why not call a thing a thing; or in this case name an event for someone great in that sport or for the team whose home field it is?

And why worry about the negative connotation of names like the Bullets, Redskins, Oilers, Braves...

I mean if you're going to go crazy about a bad name...

For crying out loud, do something about those Gamecocks!
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