Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family Ties... the ones that count.

Friday is not my favorite day.
Neither is Saturday.
Or any day of the week actually.

Except maybe, Sunday.
I like the way the whole family sort of hangs out together.
Watching TV, in the yard, playing board games or just talking.

Yes, my kids play together, and they talk to each other.
They ask for advice and ideas. They share their daily lives and plans with each other.

Am I always included?

Does this bother me?

Because I know that my kids support each other, look to each other as friends, not just siblings, and that they will never let anything bad happen to one another.

My job in this life is to raise healthy, happy, intelligent people who will be productive members of society...

I think I might be doing something right.
Or the genetics was right.

Which ever, it seems to be working.
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