Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doing Hard Time... Again!

Day 2 of manual labor will be starting for my troublesome TeenBoy in just a few hours.

Will he ever learn?

I doubt it.

He is not a bad kid. Or even a mischievous kid. He is more of a 'do my own thing' kid, and unfortunately when you're 14, this can be a BIG problem.

I keep telling him it will be easier once he gets to high school and can take harder, and more interesting classes.

And it will be even better when he gets to college and meets other kids with similar interests and intellects and has classes even more challenging.

"Yes", he says. "I know", he says. "I'll do my homework", he says. "I understand", he says.

And that's just it. He does understand. Perhaps more than a teen boy should.
And because he understands I see him trying to change his behavior, and his SELF.

I love him the way he is... stubborn, opinionated ( can't imagine where he gets that?) and confrontational. He just has to learn to moderate himself, and to use his power for good not evil.

That's my son...

TeenBoy, the superhero champion of science and technology Geeks!

In Anime, of course... and without the cape and tights!

And only AFTER he finishes doing his time...
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