Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coming of Age... which ever age that may be!

21 is a magical number.
At least it is if you ARE 21.

For some of us, turning 21 isn't that big a deal.
For others, I guess it is.

Like my son, ManBoy and his girlfriend Jewelz.
They had a party complete with family and friends, rum and bbq'd pork, birthday cake and beer.

ManBoy loves to barbecue.
He smoked a pork loin and cooked up burgers on the grill... real charcoal only!
Made his own spicy sauce, mixed up a rub and, VOILA', yummy!

Jewelz made the potato salad... I BOUGHT the cake and the rest of the food...
oh, except for the homemade mac & cheese... that I did make.

I look back at when I turned 21 and just don't think it was such a big deal. Maybe it was and I just can't remember that far back...

but I don't think so.

I was married with 2 kids, a mortgage and a full time job by then, so maybe in the grand scheme of things, 21 WAS just another number for me.

The final rite of passage to adulthood has been made by my 3rd child.
Only 3 more to go...

I'm not sure I'll live that long...
3 more teens just might be the end of me...

But I don't think so!

Did I mention BratChild turned 13 TODAY?

Yeah, I'm trying NOT to remember it too.
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