Thursday, May 13, 2010

But Wait! There's more! ... Of Course there is.

Ads are every where.
On TV. On billboards. On blogs.
Every where.

Unfortunately, my children tend to believe all of them.

The easy brownie pan. The simple sliders maker. Blowpens, Oxyclean, OrangeGlo, the PedEgg, Flowbee, scrubbing bubbles (like the kids clean the bathtub!)... they see it, they believe it, they want it.

Marketing geared toward kids apparently works. And having a commercial every 3 minutes for one of these MUST HAVE items on every kid's programming network on TV is genius.

How many of us dread the Christmas season when the kids ask for everything they see advertised?

If only they would run ads for manners, kindness and being a good friend with as much gimmickery and gusto, perhaps the incidence of schoolyard bullying, teen suicide and violence would markedly decrease.

If network execs would use their powers for good, they could influence the next generation to be kinder, gentler Americans.

Columbine and Va Tech would not be notorious for the dastardly deeds done on their campuses, but rather for the intelligent students walking across their graduation stages.

As a parent my job is to raise my children to be intelligent, thoughtful and productive members of society. Responsible and conscientious adults.
I take this job seriously, and no matter how difficult it can be, I persevere to meet my goal.

Ad companies take heed. The next generation doesn't need laser beam watches and talking Darth Vadar masks.
They need compassionate and honorable role models they can emmulate with pride.

And barring a change in marketing strategies, we will continue the use of the DVR with judicious and frequent use of the SKIP mode for commercials.

Sorry, Charlie!
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