Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What do you get when you cross good food and a who-dunnit? A really, really good book, that's what!

I read a book last week.

Actually, I read a bunch of books last week.

The first one I read was a murder mystery by Diane Mott Davidson. The really neat thing about the main character is that she is a caterer.

AND she incudes her recipes for the yummy food she makes in the story IN THE BOOK!

Like Sweetheart Sandwich cookies, Chocoholic cookies, Killer Pancakes, Cinnamon Griddle Scones... and even Jake's Dog Biscuits-- yes they ARE for dogs!

I quickly realized this was a series, that of course, I had started reading totally out of order... but the characters are so well written that you quickly get caught up on the who, where, and when of the story, even if you have not read any of the previous ones.

So I read:
Tough Cookie
Sticks & Scones
Killer Pancake
Cereal Murders
Dying For Chocolate
The Main Corpse

And I HIGHLY recommend them all...

And the recipes!

And yes, for those who NEED lowfat, there are some recipes for that kind of food too...

I even tried them and didn't die so...

Read, Eat, Enjoy!
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