Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Public Service Announcement... Nope, this isn't one, but perhaps it should be!

< Imagine a really cute baby picture here...my kids are too cute and I didn't want to make others jealous by posting one of them here ... so picture your own cutie instead!>

Out of the mouths of babes... or so the saying goes, right?

Well, I think it needs to be amended to 'Out of the mouths of Husbands!'

I know they mean well, husbands that is, but all too often they just say the WRONG thing!

"Honey, that dress only makes you look a little like my Mom."

Or how about the ever popular...

"I know you're tired, you can just lay there..."
I Don't Think So!

And my favorite...

"The kids cleaned the (insert where ever in your home is THE MESSIEST at that exact moment in time) so you don't have to"


Do men go blind, bald and deaf at the age of 40?
I mean, is it a genetic trait that is triggered right about the time we REALLY need some help with the yard, housework and Teen-Angst run amok in our lives?

Because that is exactly when the most ridiculous words come out of a husband's mouth.

This post is totally informational...

So, for all those newly weds, and those about to jump into wedded bliss (is that an oxymoron or what?)...

Take a good, long look at your dad, and Mr. Right's dad, and don't say no one ever warned ya...

Cuz, Yep! I just did!
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