Friday, April 30, 2010

I love my kids... really! I do!

Holy Crap!
Time sure flies when you're not paying attention, doesn't it?

Well, I WAS paying attention, but then we had all that WEATHER... you know, snow and then rain and then cold with rain... and then BAM!

My wisteria is blooming, the cherry blossoms have blanketed the yard with their special layer of pink snow-like litter, and rose buds- YES! rosebuds- are starting to puff up and turn a lovely rosy hue on the bushes in the front garden.

When did this happen?
You know what this means, right?

Spring will be coming to an end soon. And when it does, what comes next?

You guessed it!



What? Are you fricking nuts?
Then the kids will be home... ALL DAY LONG... staring at you and following you saying "I'm Bored" and " There's Nothing To Do"!

Oh joy... just shoot me now... or send me some info on summer camps... maybe boot camp to teach them how to listen to their Mom???

Maury Povich... HELP!!!!
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