Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ode to the Satellite Radio... OR... How I survived 18 hours in a car with TeenBoy!

I'm back from my grueling weekend in The Big Easy... and what a weekend it was.

First things first~ because some people DO read this and may be interested...

TeenBoy's DeMolay Chapter swept the Major Events ( only the 2nd time in the 20 year history of this competition that has happened--- Hall OF Fame here we come!) and TeenBoy ended up with 4 1st place medals as a result.

All the boys competing were awesome, and I should know, I was a judge!

So, with that out of the way, can I just say that I am glad I have Satellite Radio in my minivan?

Any of you who have ever driven anywhere, for any length of time and distance, will understand what I'm talking about when I say
Satellite Radio Saved My Life!

When driving 1202 miles in 18 hours, passing thru 7 states, chasing the sun on the eastern horizon half the day, then running just as quickly from it the other half...

One does start to find one's mind feeling a bit, well, mushy, after a while.

Local FM stations tend to fade off all too soon, leaving you with an earful of crackling static while you hurriedly try to find another station with, at the very least, half-way decent music to keep your brain cells sparking while you roll along.

The wonderful thing about this new-fangled Satellite Radio is that the stations are always there!
And the variety is so totally AWESOME!

Thank. You. Lord.

Blue Collar Comedy, Laugh USA, RadioClassics, The Pulse, 70's, 80's, 90's, Book Radio...

I laughed til I cried.
I sang until I was hoarse.
I waited with baited breath for Boston Blackie and The Texas Rangers to catch the bad guys...

And I drove and drove and drove...
until I had to stop for a bathroom break, or 8.

Because you do know, don't you, the other way to keep the brain working at top speed is to stay well hydrated...

and 112 ounces of fluids later...

we arrived at our home, safe and sound, in only 18 hours and 15 minutes.
Tired but happy to be home, proud of the achievements of the weekend.

It was wonderful... yeah, well, most of the time that is!
But that's a story for another day!
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