Sunday, March 7, 2010

Now I understand why the world is coming to an end... seriously, you will too!

I started to type something into Google... you know, I had a question that I wanted an answer to, or at least an idea of where to find that answer, right?

Well, I typed 'Where' and Holy Crap! this is what pops up automatically to finish the sentence:

where the wild things are
( last time I looked they were upstairs in their room) ( ummm, george who?)
where's my refund ( I second that emotion... Where Is My Refund!... oh yeah, I didn't file yet- never mind)
where is Chuck Norris (What? This is a frequent question?)
where is Haiti (no idea where it is but they could spell it?)
Where is waldo ( I have no idea but I am sure he's not in Haiti!)
where is Santa right now (he's in Florida with all the other old, retired people, Duh!)
where is Tiger Woods ( ok, the real question is whom is he with now isn't it?)
where does Justin Beiber live ( with all the other beibers in the pond?- who the hell is Justin Beiber anyway?)
where is the love lyrics (who cares?)

And here you have the top 10 most frequently asked questions that begin with the word 'WHERE'...

God, what a very sad commentary on life this is...
The people asking these questions will someday rule the world...
Great, just great.
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